"What's On Your Plate?" needs your support so we can spread the message about kids eating healthy, local food and supporting the farmers who grow it.

Any amount makes a difference!
Here are some ways to measure your impact:

$50: One Month of Colorful, Educational and Promotional Email Updates

$100: Printing of 10 Essential Middle School Curriculum Guides

$250: Duplication and Packaging of 50 DVDs Featuring the Film, Bonus Scenes, Nona Hendryx’s Music Video, and More

$500: A Week of Managing Kids’ Uploads to the Website and Updating the Map of Screenings

$1,000: Mailing DVDs and Toolkits to an Entire Medium-Sized City School System

$2,000: Renting a location for a Community Screening, and bringing in a Local Farmer, the Filmmaker, and Fresh Snacks

$5,000: Two Months of an Outreach Coordinator Planning Screenings and Workshops

The bigger picture:
Training and toolkits for 100 teachers who will reach 6,000 students with the message!


Apr/19/16 (Tue)
By Kaitlin Krull, Contributor for Modernize.com
Jan/28/16 (Thu)
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Jan/26/16 (Tue)
Contributed by Modernize.com writer Kaitlin Krull

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